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Direct Hardware Supply ApS is an independent distributor of original IT hardware. We specialize in providing our customers with cost-effective alternatives in the world of hardware. As a leading distributor of End-Of-Life (EOL) IT hardware, we offer used, refurbished, and new hardware solutions from renowned manufacturers like IBM, HP, LENOVO, Cisco, EMC, Brocade, Dell, and Hitachi Vantara.

All our products undergo a testing and configuration processes to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. We offer a three month warranty. This serves as your safety for buying products that meets your requirements.

At Direct Hardware Supply, we exclusively deal in original IT hardware, guaranteeing the quality and performance of our products. Our prices typically range from 40% to 90% below the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices, making us a cost-effective choice for all your IT hardware needs.

With a global presence, we buy and sell to IT brokers, service providers, resellers, and end-users across the world.

Quick delivery

Our spacious 1200m² warehouse stocks a wide range of items, allowing us to fulfill your orders quickly and efficiently. This gives us the opportunity to ship your requested item day-to-day.

Our logistics department ships worldwide at excellent shipping rates using DHL, UPS and TNT.

Customer-Centric approach

We are committed to providing outstanding service, prioritizing your needs, and ensuring a seamless experience.

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Whether you’re seeking specific hardware solutions or looking to sell IT hardware, we are happy to assist you. Explore our store, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact form or by calling us directly at +45 8832 9830. We look forward to serving you.

IT Hardware


Our products are 100% original. We buy our used hardware from end-users that are implementing new equipment. Furthermore we have agreements with various manufactures that allows us to buy factory refurbished and renew hardware directly.

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Data Erasure

When we receive any hardware with stored data from any company, whether if it qualifies for resale or if it is broken or have a defect, we make it our primary focus to ensure that all data gets wiped completely from the hardware with Certus Software.

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About DHS

DHS was founded in 2010 but our staff have a combined experience of more than 150 years in the used hardware industry. Our main focus is buying and selling refurbished hardware and laptops from the major hardware manufacturers.

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Direct Hardware Supply
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Phone : +45 8832 9830

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