Are you looking for a new server? We got servers from HP, Lenovo, IBM, DELL and other manufacturers ready to be shipped. Before you buy a new server it is best if you know what your requirements are and what your current setup can support and needs. If you have this in mind you will be certain that you are getting the right type of server. Depending on your requirements there are different types of servers to choose from: Blade servers, rack server and tower servers.


What to choose

If your requirement of computing power is minimal, a tower server should be your choice. If you need more power and require 4 to 25 server, then a rack server would be preferable. Finally, if you need a very powerful computing system, then a blade server should be the best choice to fit your needs. But keep in mind that blade server systems are not meant for everything. To get the most of it and to meet the economy of scale, it is only advisable to set up a blade server environment if you require at least 8 servers.


Are you still unsure which server type fits your requirements? Our technicians can help identify the correct server type or spare parts for your current server environment. If you are looking to establish a completely new server environment our technicians can guide you to choose the best type of server(s) for your company.


The servers we have in stock are either in a refurbished condition or new (unused). Our speciality is refurbishment of used IT equipment such as servers and other end-of-life products. We test all of our used servers to ensure they are completely functional. We inspect them thoroughly and filter out faulty servers. Check out our selection of servers in our store.


If you have any questions about our refurbished servers, or if you are not able to find the specific server you are looking for in our store, we can still help you find it for you or find something that matches your needs. Contact us through our live chat, our contact form or directly on +45 8832 9830.