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Looking for a profitable way of getting rid of your used IT Hardware? We are interested in buying companies used IT Hardware.


Help the Environment and get money for your Company

Do you have any used IT equipment that no longer meets your requirements? Although it doesn’t live up to your standards, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is just junk. There is quite often some spare parts that can be used by others. Or maybe even the complete setup can be reused. So don’t discard it without getting an offer from us.

It may be worth something.


Scraping electronics is in fact a huge environmental hazard as it contains a lot of metals and substances that are non-degradable for the environment. The IT industry is in fact one of the industries that has the biggest negative impact on the environment. One of the ways the IT industry can take action and reduce the massive impact on the environment is by extending the life of used IT equipment.


You can help reduce the impact made by the IT industry by selling your used hardware to us. We will make sure that every last part that still has potential will be reused. The parts that is to damaged, non-functioning  or unsellable will be discarded and destructed properly according to the instructions issued by The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


By selling your used and outdated IT equipment, instead of just throwing it away, it is not only the environment that benefits from it.

You will also get extra money while helping the environment.
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Our process.

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Used IT equipment is valued and priced mainly based on the equipment’s quality and age.
In terms of quality we particularly notice the brand, condition, theft protection and the equipment’s functionality.
The age is assessed in particular by type, model and processor type.

We will coordinate the dismantling, the packaging and the transportation of the used IT equipment.

This makes the process easy for you. At the same time we ensure that the equipment is packed correct so it does not get damaged during transport.

We test all the equipment to ensure it’s functionality or that it’s condition is as agreed upon.

There is often sensitive data on companies’ used IT equipment, which must be removed completely from the device’s data memory. Therefore, we erase all data on the equipment with a Certus Software Certified Erasure Tool.

After the data erasure, the erasure tool generates a certified report, which we send to the customer.

The report acts as a guarantee for the customer that all data has been wiped completely from the used IT equipment.

Non-functional equipment or equipment that can not be sold is disposed of in an environmental friendly manner and in accordance to The Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations.

Copper and other metals are recycled and harzardous substances and chemicals are handled and disposed of in an environmental friendly manner.

We mainly buy equipment that is between 1-6 years old. Our experience tells that equipment older than 6 years is simply too outdated. However, we have previously purchased equipment that was older than 6 years, where individual parts could still be recycled. Therefore, please feel free to contact us for an assessment of your used IT equipment’s value.


We only buy used IT equipment that is functional or in agreed condition.