When it comes to IT equipment there are various kinds of conditions you might consider before purchasing. Used, refurbished, factory sealed and so on. But what kind of condition should you choose? Well, there are several good reasons for choosing refurbished over used or new. We give you 5 of them.

More and more companies are choosing refurbished products either from a distributor or from the manufacturer. Refurbished products are in general thought of as in between used and new products. They have the same high quality as new products, while the price is much lower, like used products.


5 good reasons for choosing refurbished IT hardware over new hardware.

Why you should choose refurbished IT equipment

1. Up to 90% lower prices than on new counterparts

Refurbished products have much lower prices than new ones. The reason is simple. It is because they are no longer new. There may even be newer versions or models on the market. This may reduce the price on the refurbished products even further. Usually the price for refurbished IT hardware is between 40% – 90% lower than the original price for a new counterpart. If you have a tight budget to keep, it would be worth to check the price on refurbished IT equipment. Even if you don’t have a tight budget, refurbished products are still worth considering.


2. High quality guarantee

When it comes to purchasing a product quality is of course a very important factor. A low price is good, but if the product breaks within a few months it is not worth it. The quality of used IT can be questionable, but refurbished IT will have high quality just like new products. Our process for refurbishment includes very thorough testing, diagnostics and repairs of the hardware (if necessary) to ensure that the hardware is in good condition and meets our high standards as well as the requirement that the manufacturer has set for that specific product. Refurbished products are therefore just as good as new products.


3. Easy to find spare parts

The manufacturers provide support to their products, but after some time they will most likely retire that product. Once the product or product line has been retired and the products reaches the end-of-life status, the manufacturers will no longer offer support and there will be no more new spare parts available. If you have an older setup that can be quite challenging. If you have a setup with hardware that is officially retired from the manufacturers product line but it is fully functional, it does not necessarily mean that you should just update it. That would be an expensive solution. In a case like this, refurbished spare parts can help you extend the life of your current system. Refurbishment keeps parts of old product lines in circulation making it easy to find spare parts that match older systems and other necessary products for older setups. Even several years after the manufacturer has retired the product and stopped the support for it.


4. Immediate availability

It can easily take several weeks before you get an ordered new part from the manufacturer, especially if it is a big or complex order. Refurbished parts are usually available for immediate shipping or with short delivery times. There is often more than just one distributor of a specific refurbished part at different locations. This gives you the opportunity to order it from someone that can deliver within your timeframe. When it comes to buying refurbished IT hardware there is often a great deal of flexibility and many options to choose from.


5. Environmental friendly

Choosing refurbished parts over new counterparts is truly beneficial for the environment. In fact refurbishing used IT hardware instead of throwing it way reduces e-waste significantly. This may not be the most important factor to consider when choosing to upgrade or maintain your setup, but it is a good thing to keep in mind. The production of new IT equipment has a massive negative effect on the environment, so by choosing to buy refurbished parts helps avoid the negative effect and in fact it has a positive effect on the environment instead.


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