GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has come to effect as of May 25, 2018. It is something all companies in EU has dealt with in one way or another. At Direct Hardware Supply acknowledge our customers and business partners right to protection of personal data and we are completely GDPR compliant.

As part of our process in order to be GDPR compliant we have

  • Mapped out and analyzed all our systems that contain personal data.
  • Initiated new data processes.
  • Adjusted processing processes for persondal data – Services, marketing, IT and HR.
  • Trained our employess to ensure they understand the GDPR.

This means that we ensure our customers and business partners, that we protect all personal data given to us and that we will not forward your data to third parties unless you tell us to. Typically we store personal data such name, e-mail, phone number, address, work titel and other contact details.

GDPR is in general a new set of rules designed to give EU citizens more control over their personal data. This includes the right to be “forgotten”. Or in other terms the right to have your personal data deleted.

With the GPDR you have the right to know which of your data we keep and to what purpose we use them. You can contact us at any time requesting a full overview of your data or a ask us to delete your data.

There are still many who are unsure of how to delete data properly. It is not enough to just “delete file” and simply empty the bin, since files can easily be restored using special tools for restoring files. Data does not get erased properly be a format either.


Certified Certus Partner

As Certified Certus Partner we are experts in data erasure and know exactly how to ensure secure data erasure.
When it comes to phasing out used IT equipment (such as replacing computers, work stations and hard disk drives) it is necessary to ensure completely and securely erasure – and it is furthermore a requirement that it can be documented.

As Certified Certus Partner, we ensure that all data handling operations, including both deletion and data destruction, comply with the requirements of the GDPR. And we generate a report of the erasure of each device, so the documentation is perfectly fine for our customers.

If you have questions about our GDPR compliance or about our data collection process you can contact us here.